Echoes of “Oceans”: A melodic journey through time and memory
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Echoes of “Oceans”: A melodic journey through time and memory

With his new novel, “Oceans,” the author and journalist Fabio Iuliano narrates the journey of a young musician who retraces his memories through music and places of the past, aiming to relive what he considers the most important night of his life.

A contemporary fiction novel that carries the essence of saudade and serendipity, of love and reconsiderations, of old and new encounters. An introspective journey in search of oneself.

Back Cover “Oceans” is a tale that carries the essence of saudade and serendipity, of the salt from the North Sea. It is the story of Simone, his life as a blogger and musician flowing at a leisurely pace until a wave tears him from the soft present he has sought refuge in. Swansea, Rome, Lisbon. Three cities and three times, to shine a spotlight on the stage occupied by those trying to leave behind the scars of Paris and the memory of “that” night.

Excerpt: “Do you realize how every single moment is immersed in the eternal? Yet, we always have the impression that time eludes us, like the earth beneath our feet. Every aspect of life marks this moment: the dawn breeze, the sound of the sea, the cars racing towards the Marina. The senses tired after six in the evening. What I mean is that for the inhabitants of the Oystermouth cemetery, life has already run its course. It is us, in our mutability, in our small daily changes, who have, or at least delude ourselves into having, the flow coursing through our veins. And this creates anxiety. The anxiety of not being able to keep the promises we made to ourselves. We are not afraid of dying, but afraid of living a life that, in the end, is just the dream of a dragon. Some days, it seems to me that I am swaying upside down from a bridge and suffering from reverse vertigo.”

Detailed Information

Title: Oceans Author: Fabio Iuliano

Pages: 112 Genre: Fiction

Publication Date: 12/10/2023

Publisher: Radici Edizioni

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